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We provide employment and prepare a package of documents for legal stay and work in the EU countries and the USA, as well as citizenship of EU countries.

Document Preparation

  • Submitting an invitation, preparing a full package of documents for legal employment in the EU or USA or EU citizenship, registration of residence permit, insurance.
  • Comprehensive legal support at all stages of cooperation.
  • Payment: To initiate the document preparation process, an advance payment needs to be made to the company's official account. From the advance amount, the company covers administrative services and contributions to Czech state institutions that prepare the necessary documents. Payment also ensures a 100% guarantee of receiving legal documents.


  • Consultation with a specialist and job matching.
  • High-paying jobs for citizens of CIS and Central Asian countries.
  • Individual briefing and assistance with the worker's departure abroad.
  • Support with adaptation and assistance from a Russian-speaking curator throughout the work period abroad.
  • Be cautious: Do not agree to offers from companies that propose payment after the documents are produced. Often, these documents turn out to be fake, and European authorities immediately detect the forgery.
  • Collaboration Process

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    2. Vacancy

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    3. Recommendation

    We recommend your profile to the employer

    4. Documentation

    We arrange a complete set of documents

    5. Job

    You get the job

    Vacancies from Direct Employers

    The company Dynamic Start has been involved in international employment for several years. Our main task is to assist in finding job vacancies and arranging documents for work in European countries without risks. During this time, we have helped thousands of people from different countries to secure employment, allowing them to improve their quality of life by earning money for housing, cars, and even finding their calling.


    About Us

    Dynamic Start is a leading company providing services in the field of official employment within the European Union. We ensure full documentary support and offer accounting and legal support services. Here are the figures that speak for the results of our work:

    Our company guarantees high-quality services, their legality, and transparency. One of the important goals of our work is safety, the financial growth of our clients, and the realization of their plans.

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    Trusted Partners

    We collaborate with more than 165 partners across Europe. These are reliable companies known as honest employers with a good reputation.